No.Type of eventDate/PlaceDescription/SubjectNo.of Participants
50. TV interview about MEDLEM project 27/11/2019, Novi Sad, Serbia
49. Dr. Milan Radovanovic has appeared on a morning show "Od A do Š" - rubric "Povodom" Radio Novi Sad 27/09/2019, Novi Sad, Serbia
48. Prof. Stojanovic's team presented at the billboard before Researchers night 201910/09/2019, Novi Sad, Serbia
47. Prof Hani Al Salami (CUU) and Prof. Goran Stojanovic (UNS) were Key note speakers at the International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering16-18/05/2019, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina 200
46. MEDLEM team participated at Fair "Science for Industry" and presented developed microfluidic chips06/12/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia 2000
45. MEDLEM team (group of prof. Mikov) had a booth on Researchers’ night28/09/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia
44. Tijana Kojic had an interview for Radio station Vojvodina05/09/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia
43. Article about the group of Prof. Stojanovic14/09/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia"Moj Novi Sad" - ftn stampani senzori
42. Prof. Stojanovics team presented at the Billboard devoted to the week of researchers15/09/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia
41. MEDLEM team has a booth on Maker Fest 2018 fest.maker.rs09/06/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia 125
40. Prof. Dragan Spasić presented invited lecture „Using microfluidic electronic devices for 5P principls in medicine“ on Maker Fest 201809/06/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia29
39. A conference paper presented at 41st International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology - ISSE 201816-20/05/2018, Zlatibor, Serbia 175
38. MEDLEM team presented microfluidic chips on International Fair of Science and Education12-13/05/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia 12000
37. MEDLEM team presented developed microfluidic chips on FABelgrade2018, a biennial regional convention dedicated to promotion of digital fabrication and fab lab concept and their application in various fields28-29/04/2018, from 10:00 to 17:00h, Belgrade, Serbia 15
36. MEDLEM project presented to EU Ambassador during the visit to CUU, Australia
35. Prof. Stojanovic had an interview at TV Vojvodina 2 with 500000 coverage06/03/2018, Novi Sad, Serbia
34. Scientific conference ETIKUM201706-08/12/2017, Novi Sad, Serbia 30
33. European Service Network published popular article about the MEDLEM project
32. Fair “Science for Industry”04-05/12/2017, Novi Sad, Serbia 30
31. Researchers' nightNovi Sad, 30/09/2017, Serbia 3800
30. Researchers from UNS have been strongly featured at Curtin media and at Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute blog Visit to Australian Consortium
29. Attendance at the conference European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, ECCTD’201704-06/09/2017, Catania, Italy 120
28. Top achievements of UNS in 2016 - MEDLEM project15/05/2017, Novi Sad, Serbia 3000
27. VLAG Symposium / Round table "PUFA - MICROBIOTA - IMMUNE HEALTH"09/05/2016, Novi Sad, Serbia 20
26. Visit of representatives of European University Association (EUA) as a part of the EC's study on “Improving research capacity in the Western Balkans”.01/06/2017, Novi Sad, Serbia 3
25. The International Festival of Science and Education 2017 13-14/05/2017, Novi Sad, Serbia 12000
24. Organic Electronic Association Brochure 2017
23. World Preclinical Congress 14-16/11/2016, Lisbon, PortugalCongress
22. Posters exhibition of H2020 projects at UNS – visit of Robert-Jan Smits to UNS (Biosense)02/03/2017, Novi Sad, Serbia
21. Pharm Connect Congress22-23/2/2017, Budapest, HungaryCongress
20. 4th International Scientific Conference “New Technologies of the development and application of bioceramics in regenerative medicine”13-15/10/2016, Tomsk, RussiaInvited lecture 120
19. Annual Conference of the German Society for Biomaterials29/09-01-10/2016, Aachen, GermanyTwo posters presented 200
18. 13th International Conference of Students and Young Scientists26-29/04/2016, Tomsk, RussiaLecture 300
17. From Science to Industry - Radio Television Vojvodina – 30 minutes story about MEDLEM project including interviews with key personnel27/09/2016, Novi Sad, SerbiaTV interview Coverage 2 millions of people
16. Daily newspaper “Dnevnik” - article with title “Scientific product can find the place on the market”05/06/2016, Novi Sad, SerbiaArticle in newspaper Circulation 3000
15. 1Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions - conference13/12/2016, Belgrade, SerbiaConference 120
14. 11th Central European Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology22-24/09/2016, Belgrade, SerbiaSymposium 300
13. Best Practice Examples and New Opportunities26-30/06/2016, Novi Sad, SerbiaConference 90
12. 7th European Congress of Pharmacology - EPHAR201626-30/06/2016, Istanbul, TurkeyConference 1500
11. Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) 2015 coordinator's day18/03/2016, Brussels, BelgiumCoordinator's Day 200
10. Researchers night30/09/2016, Novi Sad, Serbia Researchers night 4500
9. Non-scientific article in Newspaper 12/09/2016, Novi Sad, Serbia Article about Workshop1 in daily newspaper DNEVNIK 8000
8. Conference 18-20/07/2016, Novi Sad, Serbia International Conference on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications, ICFDA2016 120
7. Conference 12-16/06/2016 Bar, Montenegro International Scientific Forum for embedded computing systems 130
6. Non-scientific Journal article 05/06/2016 Novi Sad, Serbia Interview with MEDLEM project coordinator, prof. Goran Stojanović in daily newspaper DNEVNIK 8000
5. Conference 01-05/06/2016 Macedonia 6th Congress of Pharmacy in Macedonia 100
4. Conference 01-02/06/2016 Novi Sad, Serbia ZINC - Consumer Electronics Conference300
3. Festival of Science 09-10/05/2016 Novi Sad, SerbiaFestival of Science and Education 15000
2.Conference 09/04/2016 Novi Sad, Serbia The opening of negotiating chapters 25 (Science and Research) and 26 (Education and Culture) 50
1.Info day09/02/2016 Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade, SerbiaOpportunities for the participation of the non-academic sector in MSCA100