Work Package TitleActivity TypeStart MonthEnd monthWP LEADERS
WP1 Fractional pharmacokinetics multi-compartmental systems and optimal control Research 1 38 Prof. Dr Dragan T. Spasić
WP2 Design and fabrication of microfluidic electronic devices Research 12 45 Dr Guilhem Velvé-Casquillas
WP3 Optimal dosage regime Research 12 40 Dr Hani Al-Salami
WP4 International/inter-sectoral secondments Research/Training 3 46 Dr Lothar Heinrich
WP5 Joint networking activities Training 6 45 Dr Somyot Chirasatitsin
WP6 Dissemination and communication activities Diss/Comm. 1 48 Prof. Dr Jelena Cvejić
WP7 Project management and coordinationManag. 1 48 Prof. Dr Svetlana Goločorbin-Kon